RAE Systems

RAE Systems is a public company that makes hazardous environment detection systems. Their website has over 2,000 pages of product guides, specifications, chemical information and marketing material. Our ECM platform allows just one person in their marketing department to manage the entire site. The objective for developing a new website was to take the lead from their competitors online by becoming the online source of information for their customers. This strategy has paid off handsomely. Leads generated through their website have increased over 900% compared to their old website. Their site now serves hundreds of distributors and thousands of customers every day. Smart use of ECM landing pages allows RAE Systems to consolidate leads from all their marketing efforts into their SalesForce.com CRM system.

• CMS: Content Management System for public website
• Customization: Document Repository, Form Builder, etc.
• Integration: with SalesForce.com CRM system for lead generation

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