When Sears needs a flexible reporting solution for creating and distributing over 30,000 reports nightly, they turned to WebStandard.  The solution we helped build took their legacy reporting system and turned it into a distributed online system accessible by all stores and by all partners.  The system moved Sears from paper based publishing of content to online distribution of internal and partner reports.

We helped create and manage a web-based inventory management system between Cisco and Flextronics. The system audited and updated inventory availability on an hourly basis and made recommendations for setting production lines to maximize order shipment at month ends and quarter ends. The system complemented the traditional MRP inventory management process and provided a dashboard to management of both companies.

We helped Johnson & Johnson define a new system architecture for migrating over 2500 sites from their legacy system to Drupal.  The project involved definition of distributed and scalable system architecture with fail-over support. We also prototyped the architecture and created templates that could be rolled out by their different business units.  The work involved over 250 business units, each with their own public facing sites, several micro-sites, and internal sites.

Cast Iron (now IBM) needed a portal to communicate and distribute materials to their partners... we designed and deployed a solution that allowed them to define different levels of partners and secure their collateral and contact information in a authenticated user section. The site was used by hundreds of partners that were segregated in 5 major categories. Each partner would have access to different information based on their partnership level. The portal was integrated with their public facing blog and marketing communication site which was developed as phase II of this project.read more »

RAE Systems is a public company that makes hazardous environment detection systems. Their website has over 2,000 pages of product guides, specifications, chemical information and marketing material. Our ECM platform allows just one person in their marketing department to manage the entire site. The objective for developing a new website was to take the lead from their competitors online by becoming the online source of information for their customers. This strategy has paid off handsomely. Leads generated through their website have increased over 900% compared to their old website.read more »

Filice Insurance is the largest insurance agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The site was designed to generate leads through publications and event registration.  The site is also informative and educational and is used as Filice's primary marketing vehicle.  The site also includes over 1000 secured-access microsites for Filice's clients.

Energy Central is a hub on the Internet for electric power professionals searching for information, products and services related to the energy industry. By teaming with companies that service the energy industry, Energy Central provides a broad base of information products - news, directories, events, databases, books, periodicals, reports - all focused on a single industry.  WebStandard helped architect their sites and assists in ongoing management of these sites.

ISC has led the industry with the most complete reference standard implementation of DNS (BIND) software using a Managed Open Source model. ISC also provides production-quality reference implementations for other core protocols such as DHCP, and distributes other open source software. Since 1994, ISC has operated F-Root (one of the 13 root DNS servers) as a public service to the Internet.

WebEnabled is a platform for selling and hosting applications. Developers can sell clones of their applications, consulting services, and ongoing support to customers. Customers can buy and host the application anywhere they like.  WebEnabled specializes in jumpstarting the development and hosting of Open Source solutions like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Mantis and many others.

KT Properties was founded in 1988 as a real estate development and investment company. During its 18+ years, KT has leveraged its homebuilding and commercial / industrial experience to include suburban, urban, and downtown development projects. The organization utilizes an experienced management team and strong financial network to acquire and develop quality residential and commercial / industrial sites in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Transitions US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, support, training, and networking for Transition Initiatives across the United States. Transition Initiatives are part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that builds community resilience in response to the challenges of peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis, working together to make the transition to a more fulfilling, equitable and sustainable world.

Meltwater Group is a privately held Norwegian company committed to disrupting the status quo through novel technologies and a powerful, global sales and distribution infrastructure. Meltwater Group currently delivers business solutions based on search engine technology, cloud computing, and biometrics. read more »

By working with parents, school districts, community leaders, social service and healthcare agencies, First 5 Ventura County helps to design and fund a network of essential services for young children and their families. They put kids first with their community-based health, early learning and family strengthening programs anchored by 11 locally designed Neighborhoods for Learning. Through these ground-breaking efforts, First 5 is changing the face of Ventura County,  investing more than $14 million this year alone in their community's greatest asset, its children.

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County supports the healthy development of children through age 5 and enriches the lives of their families and communities.  FIRST 5 was formed when California voters approved Proposition 10 - the Children and Families First Act. The act increases the sales tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products by 50 cents to fund early childhood development and school readiness.read more »

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit agency meets the needs of one of our community's most vulnerable populations-children with any special need and their families.  PHP's mission is to help children with special needs receive the resources, love, hope, respect, health care, education, and other services they need to reach their full potential.read more »

AmeriFlood is a Florida based company that is dedicated to efficiently selling FEMA-backed NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) flood insurance to Americans. To achieve this goal, WebStandard is developing an automated online quoting and policy issuance system for flood insurance. Currently, all government-backed flood insurance policies issued by any agency are completed by hand.

When SESLOC, a member-owned federal credit union with offices across central California, sought to upgrade its online presence, it turned to WebStandard to develop, deploy and maintain a comprehensive web site that would attract customers, improve customer loyalty and reduce operating costs by promoting customer self-sufficiency.read more »

Bay Area Development Company specializes in providing 504 financing to small and mid-sized companies throughout Northern California. 504 loans are long-term commercial real estate financing with fixed, below-market interest rates and low down payments.

iInterpret is a full-service interpretation company located in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers interpretation services in all major languages.  Their website includes a number of contact forms designed to streamline lead generation and client communication by cutting down on phone calls.

American Executive Center (AEC) is Silicon Valley's premier provider of professional office space leasing and support services for small businesses, startups, and branch offices. Business centers, also known as Executive Suites or Serviced Offices, provide immediate office availability with professional staff to answer your company's telephone and provide clerical services, as needed.  WebStandard built two sites for AEC: their public website and an intranet website for their members.

Target Discovery (TDI) is a venture funded biotech company dedicated to bringing “Personalized Medicine” from concept to reality. They needed a flexible system to let them add and edit information on their website as needed. The website is integrated with an online store that allows TDI’s customers to order chemicals and software online. This e-commerce engine is integrated with their back office accounting application to minimize maintenance and eliminate data-entry errors. A private area for their customers allows for software registration and renewals.

SpikeSource has a unique business model that straddles open source and closed source, and is headed up by one of the darlings of the dot-com boom: Kim Polese. SpikeSource is partially funded by Intel Capital, and it powers Intel's Certified Solutions Program which tests and certifies ISV (independent software vendor) applications against security, interoperability and performance metrics. source